Isaac Arredondo

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Isaac Arredondo

In April 2014, Isaac Arredondo joined our Scholarship family. During the awards luncheon, I learned he was first-generation American (as am I). His parents immigrated to this country from Mexico, settling first in Colorado before eventually moving to Oklahoma.

Then a rising Senior, Isaac also worked on the UCO student newscast UCentral News. Eventually Isaac said he wanted to become a bilingual broadcaster in the Oklahoma City area to help the Spanish-speaking community better understand what was happening on a daily basis, but more importantly during weather emergencies. And last summer, Isaac began interning at KTUZ-Telemundo Oklahoma.

By the time Fall semester rolled around, Isaac was on staff there as a night-time general assignment reporter! And he continued to commute to UCO to complete his degree, becoming the only UCO student ever to work as a reporter for a local station while still an undergrad!

He graduated May 9, 2015 with a journalism degree and a desire “to tell the stories so many others are afraid to tell.”

So proud of you Isaac!

Melissa Kaye Neel

Angi and Melissa   Melissa's Graduation

Melissa Kaye Neel

In April of 2013, the Stanley Case Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Mass Communication became a reality when I had the pleasure of handing out the first scholarship to Melissa!

A Junior at UCO, she grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and had worked at various radio stations in the state. When we met, she was director of the university’s Television newscast, was working on several mini-documentaries in addition to her course work, and was interning at ScissorTail Media!

In December of 2014, Melissa graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Professional Media and immediately embarked on the latest, exciting chapter of her life!
She moved to Indianapolis and is working on two documentaries.. one feature length (a collaboration with her brother) and one mini-doc.

She is well on her way to fulfilling her dream “to create amazing true documentary films.”

Keep your eye on this young lady!