Best Call Recorder For Android Free Download

On the off chance that you need to record the voice discussions you have on your telephone and hear them out later on then this call recorder application is a perfect decision for you. Call Recorder – ACR is a decent application which offers you the opportunity to record and spare the voice calls made and gotten by your telephone. It lets you playback the call chronicles and to listen again to the discussions to check whether you had missed something amid the genuine call. On account of the straightforward format and structure and easy to use interface, this application is fantastically simple to utilize. The call recording begins instantly once the application is empowered and you won’t need to successfully start the account system. Notwithstanding being exceptionally valuable, this application expects access to individual data and can trade off your security.

Call Recorder – ACR records the voices of the two gatherings plainly. You can tune in to each word obviously and can even make out the voices and clamor out of sight as well. In contrast to other call recorders, this application enables you to seek through the consider chronicles and locate the one that you require. There is a hunt box given to you at the best bar of the application. You can utilize it for looking through the chronicle by entering either the name or number of the guest or the individual you had called. This call recorder additionally gives you the choice of collection the chronicles by date. It enables you to sort out the call accounts and rapidly locate the one that you are searching for.

This best call recorder for android free download gives different sound arrangements to you to record your calls. Since each telephone has its own favored sound arrangement for accounts, you can pick the one which your telephone is most alright with. The call accounts are quickly spared to an explicit envelope on the telephone’s interior memory. You can assign an alternate envelope for the accounts to be spared in the Settings segment. This segment can be gotten to starting from the drop menu that shows up in the wake of tapping the catch situated on the upper left corner of the screen. Call Recorder – ACR uses the interior media player for the playback of the call accounts. You can play recording essentially by tapping on its title and afterward tapping the Play catch from the menu that shows up.

Call Recorder – ACR offers you the choice of programmed cancellation of call chronicles. The consider accounts that were made in the past would be erased consequently, opening up the space for new chronicles. The erased call accounts go to the Recycle Bin and stay there for a restricted timeframe. You can reestablish accounts from the Recycle Bin in the event that you require them. Any chronicles are erased from the Recycle Bin are forever erased and can’t be reestablished. On the off chance that you need to spare any accounts from being erased, you can check them as critical. Besides, you have the alternative of barring certain numbers from the call recording list. Except if a number isn’t rejected, the call from every one of the numbers will be recorded.


Easy to understand interface

Basic format and structure

Record both approaching and active calls

Different sound organizations for call recording

Scan alternative for finding the account you are searching for

Choice to amass the accounts by date

Programmed erasure of old call chronicles

Spare chronicles from getting erased by checking them imperative

Choice to avoid recording of calls from specific numbers

Reestablish chronicles from Recycle Bin


Call Recorder – ACR is an application which is perfect for individuals who need to track all the approaching and cordial considers got or made utilizing their telephone. It empowers them to record the discussions occurring between both the gatherings on the telephone and play it back to them at whatever point required. In spite of the fact that it is a helpful application, its meddlesome nature makes it inadmissible for security cognizant individuals.